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Julius Renz
24 March 2011 @ 02:37 am
March 23, 2011
These are yet another hilarious anecdotes that I experienced with my best friend Laila. I swear, if only I could remember all the funny experiences I have had with this person, it would really be UH-mazing.

Now, moving on.

This time, the three of us (the same characters as the previous anecdote) were happily eating carcinogenic barbeques at the terminal which was located by the bay. While pigging out with the delish chicken skin and gizzard barbeques, a random conversation took place (well, random conversations usually takes place while eating with friends) and that was what we were having when our topic became about the terminal location. Since the terminal sits on an artificially expanded land or what we call land reclamation, Laila looked over to the small seaport nearby and exclaimed, "Oh yeah, the sea is already deep, I notice, and the pump boats are even PARKED at the sides."

I understand it may be/sound correct, but we all know that when she used the word "park", we readily knew from the way she said the statement, that she was comparing it with a land vehicle. It was funny that's why I laughed my ass off. (Don't I always laugh my ass off whenever Laila says something? Regardless if it's right or wrong? I am mean.)

Moving on, again.
Note: You saw my friend, right? Yes, she is half Ghanaian and half Filipino. You will need this information later.

As we were leaving the terminal, we had another conversation and it was about going to the beach. I said that I'm really hesitant to swim in the open sea again because I would most probably get dark and it's really a difficult job to lighten my skin like what I have now. After I mentioned this fact, Laila suddenly said, "Yeah, that's what I'm really worried about, too." After giving her a glare of shock because of holding laughter in, I quickly whispered to Laarni while half in laughter, "Since when did she get fair skin to even say that?"

We died laughing.
Julius Renz
21 March 2011 @ 12:39 am
March 20, 2010

This is another anecdote courtesy of one of my best friends, Laila, which I was strongly determined to add in this hectic blog of mine. Well, this friend of mine has always been very funny -- unintentionally, by the way. I already have tons of hilarious situations imprinted in my brain of her being all this clumsy, dumb-like, innocent big girl and all. I love her. Totally. Here she is:

Here goes.

Laarni (a common friend) and I went to Laila's place because she needed to do some personal errands and she wanted us to come along with her. After she took a bath while she was changing and getting herself ready, I noticed some of the usual imported Japanese stuff sitting on her drawer. (This tubed spray used as disinfectant for a freshly opened wound caught my attention.) Now, I knew she no longer brought a lot of these thingamajigs back home unlike before when her mom actually sent her a lot straight from extremely affluent Tokyo -- flavor-varied chocolates, Japanese animated icon stationeries, hygiene stuffs and whatnots. Hence, I easily doubted that the thing I suddenly eyed was still from way back World War II. I was right.

I exclaimed, "Wow you still have these purely Kanji-printed tubed sprays?"
She replied, "Oh NEVER use that. It already expired back in 2003."
"Then why is this still comfortably sitting here on your drawer?", I said.
"I use it as microphone." She answered.

Julius Renz
17 March 2011 @ 02:36 am
Ever since I was a child, I have been obsessed with being sensitive towards my English. Not that I'm a hardcore English speaker or anything for that matter but I was sort of "fond" of being particular with English grammar. I think it's really lame being like that because I admit that I sometimes become faulty with the language anyway. As a matter of fact, as I am writing this thingamajig, I'm not sure how many grammatical errors I have already committed.

According to my knowledge and awareness, a significant number of people I often come in touch with declare that I like, slash, fancy communicating in English. I actually buy the perception that I do bark in English more often than an average Filipino citizen however not up to the point that when these people are asked what kind of person I am, one of the first few things they'll tell you is that their noses bleed whenever I talk to them. Unacceptable.

Due to this view, I even considered blogging using the Tagalog language; or less drastic, Taglish. But for some unknown, mysterious reasons, I seem unable to -- although at times, I become really determined to do so.

It is undeniable that I love speaking. However, I can say that I am not really talkative (or at least I believe I'm not but people I know will surely think otherwise). I love speaking in a manner by which the way of delivery becomes sophisticated and almost intimidating. I do not do that on purpose, however. I love learning foreign languages most especially other Asian languages like Korean and Japanese. Currently, I can say that I am fluent in 4 languages -- Waray-Waray, Tagalog, English and Bisaya. I am on the process of learning Korean.

On another note, I am also fond of talking in different accents with English. I can mimic British/Aussie English and decent American English. But I need practice using their slang terminologies.

Although I love writing in English, I rarely use highfalutin words. I do not like my readers not readily comprehending my write-up or having them go through the effort of grabbing a dictionary first before I become understood (although it can richen their vocabulary, I would like to think that it is still unnecessary). I am obsessed with being understood. Being perfectly understood is one of the most important things that I consider essential in my life.
Julius Renz
27 February 2011 @ 01:07 am

I've been to Baguio a couple times before especially when I was a kid and I could clearly remember the moment when my cousins and I were ecstatically blowing deep breathes to the air as to produce that foggy breath you see in the movies - especially snowy winters. Hilarious.

Finally, after years, I've returned to Baguio! Since I'm already mature (?), I have greatly appreciated the place unlike before, I wasn't really free to do the things I wanna do in the city because I was with the whole family. Another thing, I also realized that strawberries can't/shouldn't be carried around for too long because they are easily squished. No wonder why they don't reach other places in the country.

I wanted to come up with a simple list why I love this great city.

I love Baguio because:

• the cold feeling it gives is so good
• the place is rich in culture and tradition
• there are so many talented people
• the food is great
• the sceneries are awesome
• it's really coooold at night
• there are strawberries, cauliflowers, huge sweet corns and cute kids!
Julius Renz
21 December 2010 @ 06:14 pm
Family Guy has been one of my most favorite TV shows in years. Not only because it's really hilarious but also because I get a lot of worldly trivia from the show - may it be interesting, humiliating, discriminating, sarcastic, or just plain weird. As for some of you who might not know about the show, well it's a cartoon sitcom with the themes adult cartoon, satire, blue humor, and black humor.

I got the chance to snag a copy of Season 9 Episode 7-8 and having to get to watch this Christmas episode is for me, a holiday treat!

Since I have been most thrilled with this season-appropriate episode, I am going to make a synopsis-like narrative (or whatever you call it: review, summary, whatever) out of it - and some insights.

more Family Guy fun under the cutCollapse )
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Julius Renz
03 November 2010 @ 10:41 pm

November 1, 2010

I'm going to write about the incident that happened to me the day before my birthday which, how the title suggests, won't be very nice. I also want it to be immortalized as protest to fate. Hah.

Well it started really normal actually. It was a happy, fine All Saints' Day for me. Kinna Mae arrived at 6AM after a 6-hour ride from the surfing capital of Northern Luzon, San Juan, La Union. But she was to leave for Guiuan anyway because it was Tita Annaliz's birthday, apparently. Sad I didn't get to go home. That was the very first misfortune for the day.

I had the intention of going to Faura in Robinson's Manila to meet up with Kristine and April, two of my closest friends during high school. I was about to treat them food and movies that day as an advanced celebration for my birthday. Kristine and I decided to meet in Quiapo because I honestly didn't know how to go to Robinsons Manila safely. It was the chosen location because April was there with her sister Ate Maila, brother-in-law and her cute little nephew, Biyok. April can't be anywhere else, strict ang ate niya. *laughs*

When the three of us finally met, we did what typical mallers do in the seemingly huge and confusing mall (I honestly didn't think Robinsons malls had huge branches or whatever you may call them, and this one was a total maze).

We then went to this very lovely and enticing food establishment and when I was about to pay, I noticed that my wallet wasn't in my bag anymore. Even if I knew I always put it there, I didn't panic (well I don't usually panic unless it's like a deadline for some extremely important college paper which, by the way, I am done all the way! *cheers*) and just asked Kristine to help me out find it. To my consternating dismay, it was, unfortunately really missing in action which, by the way, was a very important situation for my wallet's presence! We even went back to the supermarket to look for it there because it was the last place where we bought something. However, I suddenly remembered I only tucked out a bill from my pocket and not from my wallet. Sad. Imagine my disappointment.

After some moment of recollection (whatever, it sounds good for a write-up), it then went back to me that there was a 99% possibility that I lost it when I was on my way to bustling Quiapo. While I was inside the taxi, I held out my phone because I was busy texting Kristine, at the same time my iPod was out. Perhaps when I got money from my wallet and handed it to the driver, I didn't notice it fell due to my busy self trying to keep the gadgets. Oh mercy, how gadgets can put you in trouble sometimes. What made me feel very upset was because all of my freaking cards were there and it's a huge hassle getting that ultimately hassle-inducing affidavit of loss (which I have no idea how to get!) and not to mention dealing with 4 banks! Well the money was a waste too. Not to mention again, that the wallet was newly fed with bills which I think was enough to buy me 3 pairs of authentic Lacoste shoes, or 2 Zara leather jackets, or 12 pairs of Havaianas, or a very techy Carl Zeiss phone. Sad squared.

Despite that wonderful event, I still had the mood to watch Paranormal activity 2. Of course it was them who paid for all my expenses that day. Blessing in disguise? No. More like charitable act in their part. Happy but sad.

When we were about to call it a day, I asked them if they could go home with me because I would be very lonely in the condo. Drama. I could've spent the minutes as I turned 21 ALONE. Good thing they went with me or else I would've weeped my birthday away. Hah.

The weird thing was, I was with a different person the exact moment I turned a year older. It was Hannah, my very diligent, well-bred, proper, smart, and really kind friend from Bulacan who is coincidentally a daughter of my dad's barkada from college. You may be wondering why I was with her. Well that's because she went all the way to the condo so she could talk to me about something confidential. Since she badly needed somebody to speak with, I gladly agreed even if I was only wearing some cute boy pambahay when I met her at the concierge (and there, my concierge personnel crush lies). While we were talking and walking down Escriva Drive, she found out it was my birthday and exclaimed to have a meal with me at the nearby Yellow Cab - her treat. She also withdrew a thousand pesos just so she can give me money when I told her my bad news. Thank you so much.

When I went back to the unit, Kristine and April were already snoring but the movie One Missed Call was still running.

I've learned a lot of lessons just that day. First, we should never ride public transportations. Hah. No, I mean we should always be attentive to our things. Especially when you will be essentially needing them! Second, when something gets lost, learn to accept it immediately. Now, if you have been very careful with your things but it still got lost, well then it's already your stupidity. I kid. Perhaps it's really meant to go. Don't be fussy over things that's meant to happen. You can't fight with fate. It's too strong for people to handle. Next, hmm. Well I guess that was it. Not a lot after all ei? :)

The next day, Tita Bliss fetched me at Millenia. I celebrated my birthday with the Filinvest people over pizzas and other traditional birthday tummy treats, courtesy of Tita Bliss. Why, my debut was indeed very special.
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Julius Renz
13 September 2010 @ 09:02 pm
September 12, 2010

From the many times I've been in the people-filled Manila area, I've only been to Intramuros once. Well, not exactly because the funny thing is, I've been to the Manila Cathedral numerous times before but I was never aware that the church was inside freaking Intramuros. It's not exactly my fault because nobody ever told me. I only found out when I circled the entire place and ended up near the church. That's the time I felt stupid. Talk about being lost. What I clearly meant with being in Intramuros once was obviously the time when I went there and I was fully aware where on earth my current location mapped. Teehee.

Though the place was historically rich, I honestly did not find it very interesting. Hehe. Perhaps because I had no tourist guide or some history-expert person who would've told me things about the place and what happened there centuries ago. I had flat 1 in my Philippine History subject back in college though. Hahaha! I think I was present when we discussed Intramuros but I'm most certainly sure my teacher wasn't hot. Hahaha. I'm kidding. :)

The very amusing thing I noticed in Intramuros was that the external outlooks of some popular establishments and banks (Mini Stop, 7Eleven, Metrobank, etc.) were like really old Spanish-themed architecture. The place, however isn't purely old anymore because of some modern institutions which sit inside the walled city; but I guess I managed to capture very interesting photographs which tell a lot.

Itramuros photos under this cutCollapse )
Julius Renz
13 May 2010 @ 10:25 pm
As a child, I was overly addicted to video games. I was always excited about video games. That time, it's like I'll do anything just to play video games. The very first video game I had was a Nintendo Family Computer. I always had fun playing with that thing when I was like 5 or 6 even if looking back to it now, I think it's the most pathetic video game, ever. I know, I'm mean.

The next console I had was SEGA. I would mostly play Sonic The Hedgehog and Alladin (even Rambo, LOL) with that computer. It was a lot better than the mediocre Family Computer. Hehe. But of course, the time I had myself PlayStation, it was the best in years. Then PlayStation 2 came (I was addicted with Phantom Brave and Final Fantasy Series), and apparently, it gets better and better everytime.  Set aside PlayStation 3 which has crazy expensive discs. Not to mention that it came only when I was a person no longer extremely enthusiastic about too much video games.

I wasn't really interested in mobile consoles until I got addicted with Pokémon with the Gameboy Color some 11 years ago. Then I got a Gameboy SP which made Pokémon-gaming a lot more convenient. It was only in my elementary and high school years that I was very addicted with video games. When I stepped up in college, my gaming life was drastically reduced because of lack of free, bum time.

But what amazes me is the long-lasting gaming satisfaction the Sony PSP (PlayStation Portable) gives to so many people. I got myself one some 3 years ago and at that time, it wasn't entirely new. Considering the fact that gadgets get easily surpassed by other more advanced technologically innovative stuff, I'm quite amazed that up until now, many people would still want to get hold of brand new PSPs - people of all ages and genders. The PSP doesn't give me the excitement it gave me before when I first had it any longer though. Maybe I do am getting old. Haha!

my PSP photos under this cutCollapse )

I managed to get myself a PSP due to its rising popularity. My impression of a mobile PlayStation 2 was right - only that it had slightly different features (e.g. absence of R2 and L2, WiFi capable, etc.), ultimately mobile and very digital. The major downfall of this mobile device however, would be its external sound amplification. No offense but PSPs sound like a mediocre China phone which is about to crack. It's pathetic. Perhaps they did not focus on this feature because Sony expects people to use the PSP with some kind of a headset. In contrast, if you use a high quality pair of earphones (e.g. XpressMusic earphones, authentic Apple earphones), the sound is superb. It has double-bass power in its default sound setting without sacrificing treble quality.

What's also impressive but at the same time a hassle is that it's firmware (something like OS in PCs) can be downgraded and upgraded. If you do not have the right firmware, you may not be able to play digital games with it. I guess what makes the PSP friendly is that you can get the games in the internet for free, you can put other medias like music, videos and photos, surf the net through WiFi, apply personalized themes and if the system gets old, Sony will always provide new firmwares. I guess Filipinos will always patronize digital piracy. :)

I wonder why Sony's not releasing something like PSP 2 or of higher end, only Phat and Slim. Hahaha. But I think it's currently the universal mobile gaming console.
Julius Renz
10 May 2010 @ 11:24 pm
For the record, I am not going to do a media-like report about on how the elections went here in my place. LOL. This post will be about my personal insights on the elections.

It was my first time voting for the national elections. It went out okay except for one bloop I committed because of my recklessness. Well, it wasn't serious actually. It was even funny - tolerably funny.

I was already about to go to the precinct where I was supposed to cast my vote when my mom told me beforehand that someone told her I wasn't on the list in the precinct the rest of my family was registered in. I was like, "Wait a minute. [pause to think] Oh yeah, I registered myself in a different barangay!" LOL. Then I went to that lost precinct. One of my closest friends Papo, was there professionally-like facilitating. Hilarious. My precinct was incredibly fast. I met a few people and when I was done, I dashed out right away only to find myself chatting with my cousin Dawnie as he waited in his line because his barangay had a lot of people. Hah.

I didn't even take a picture of my ink-blotted finger. That's what many people do and proudly present themselves in that seemingly political state to the general public pretending they're some very nationalistic "practice your right to suffrage" campaign individuals right? :D

Being a Political Science graduate that I am, elections is one event I should be well-oriented with. However, since I do not have plans in engaging myself in becoming a statesperson slash politician, let's save what I have to say for a rainy day. Hehe. Seriously, elections is elections. It is the people who should decide who will lead them. Unfortunately, not everyone deserving to lead the country are given the chance to. In many cases, people given this dutiful opportunity tend to take advantage of the power or even abuse the authority they legitimately have. Sadly, this has become normal. What can we do? That, I am not certain.

Needless to say, I will always believe that the goodness of a nation lies on the people themselves. The recognized personalities in the government are mere individuals who are there to guide them - given that the leaders are competent, honest and goal-oriented. The general public has most of the power. If citizens are good, so is the community.

One great example is the People Power Revolution. The people managed to oust 2 presidents and that was all because of the determination and unity the people had. Now that I have mentioned it, why can't we be united and at the same time determined for the better change of our nation? Will we be only like this when we are dissatisfied with the governance that we experience? Why can't we use that power to change what we do not like into a state wherein we will all be most satisfied with?

The people only rely on who they vote for and expect them to do everything that needs to be done for the nation. The people, however are the ultimate actors here. Remember that we are millions and those seated up there are no more than a hundredth of us.

I do not understand. I certainly do not.
Julius Renz
27 April 2010 @ 10:18 am

April 26, 2010

We had this brief rehearsals on the 25th which I think was just funny. I don't know why but I felt that it was funny. I know. I'm weird.

Before the graduation day itself, we still had 4 days to make/force ourselves to be excited for the once in a lifetime event - that is, for people who won't be venturing in another major again (because of the trauma our college brought). So I invited (was it me or someone else? Let me get back to you on this some time later) Jovelyn and Bem for a visit to Rafael's Farm.


Located in Babatngon, Leyte, Rafael's Farm isn't your typical farm which you see on the television. A 20-30 minute ride from Tacloban, it's like a luxurious rest place of natural bliss which has an exquisitely beautiful nature setting perfectly suitable for wedding receptions, debuts, and the like. They also have this seemingly Spanish-inspired restaurant at the middle of the paradise-like haven which caters high-end Filipino cuisine. A gorgeous tree house which is obviously professionally made sits on a huge tree located at the rear part of the farm.

more awesome photographs under the cutCollapse )

The place is not a hundred percent complete yet and I know it's gonna be even more amazing when it's completely done.